Nadeem Sarwar-2011

Sayed Nadeem Raza Sarwar 2011

Please Note: All Azadars are requested to be patient after clicking the play link the Nauha will Start in a minute time.

1. Hamare Hain Ya Hussain(a.s) – Nadeem Sarwar 2011


2. Zinda Rahin Hussain(a.s) – Nadeem Sarwar 2011


3. Zindan Se Reha Ho Ke – Nadeem Sarwar 2011


4. Chote Hazrat – Nadeem Sarwar 2011


5. Akbar(a.s)Mera Payara Tha(ali shanwar) – Nadeem Sarwar 2011


6. As Salam Ya(ali jee and shanwar) – Nadeem Sarwar 2011


7. Hussaini Matam – Nadeem Sarwar 2011


8. Sajjad Bhira – Nadeem Sarwar 2011


9. Jab Hukam Rihai Mila – Nadeem Sarwar 2011



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